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Employing a data-driven, integrated digital marketing strategy is vital to the development of your business. Using my experience and the digital tools available to me, I will facilitate the acquisition, conversion and retention of customers necessary to achieve your business goals. See below for more information on my online marketing services.

“Rob worked at NetFlorist for over a year and was an integral part of our global digital marketing strategy. He has in-depth knowledge of all facets of digital marketing including SEO, Adwords, Analytics, Facebook marketing and related platforms. He will certainly add value to any digital marketing strategy or implementation.”
-Ryan Bacher, NetFlorist MD


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an ongoing, data-driven process that informs site structure, content creation and publishing…just about every aspect of your online presence. Before I develop an SEO strategy, I take the time to understand your business and your customers so I know who we’re talking to and what they are looking for. Only then do I conceive and implement a strategy that will steadily increase the quality and quantity of organic (un-paid) traffic to your website.  Learn More

PPC Advertising

My Google AdWords Certification
Using PPC advertising solutions like Google AdWords, I can help you reach customers when they search online for a product or service like yours, increase brand awareness with display or social media ads or inform and entertain your audience with a YouTube advertising campaign. Learn More

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a crucial component of any comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Social media platforms are public spaces where you engage with customers and potential customers. It is where you express the personality of your business. As a bonus, your social media activity can generate leads, increase traffic to your website and yield fresh, sweet SEO juice.
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Content Marketing

By posting quality content (text, photos, videos) on a regular basis, you are keeping your website fresh and entertaining/educating your customers. Google loves that.  Google also loves it when other people share your content and link back to your website. So start a blog and take care to produce and post optimized content that will engage your customers at least once a month. Share the content on social media. Shoot a video that lives on your homepage and re-purpose it to advertise your business on YouTube. Content marketing is a vital component of any effective digital marketing strategy.
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Email Marketing

Email is still the most effective digital marketing channel we have at our disposal, and it must be handled with great care. Rest assured that my email campaigns are well-planned, well-written and will always offer something of value to your customers.

Entrepreneur Resources

I’m looking for entrepreneurs who want to market their existing business or start a new business online. Let’s meet to discuss your goals and perhaps I can help you get started.
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