Stay Focused on Long-Term Business Goals

I’m a mountain biker. I like the outdoors and I like speed. But with speed comes risk, so I’ve learned a couple of techniques to minimize the danger. For example, when the path takes a sudden turn, I don’t focus on the tree in front of me, frozen. I turn my head to look where I need to go. That small physical shift keeps me going in the right direction.

Now to put this into a business context. . .

There will always be twists and turns on the path to success and if you only focus on the obstacles in front of you, you will get bogged down in day-to-day operations and your business will suffer. Look up every so often and make sure you’re still headed towards achieving your long term goals.

Take time to brainstorm. Develop strategies and schedule their implementation. Do your best to stick to the schedule even when there are fires to put out, otherwise important tasks will be left undone. That simple shift won’t take up too much time. It mainly requires planning and discipline and will ensure that you reach your destination intact.