AdWords Search Ads Lead Your Ideal Customer To You

adwords search ads find the needle in the haystack

Imagine a giant room filled with one-million consumers who have one minute to find what they are looking for. 10 of them are in the market for a widget. You sell widgets. Could you reach those 10 people in one minute if you wandered into the crowd and started calling “widgets for sale”? If you posted an ad on the wall, would any of the 10 people see it and give you a call within one minute? Probably not.
Now imagine all of the consumers pulling out their smartphones and Googling what they want to buy. The 10 people that Google “widgets for sale” are presented with an ad for your widgets. From the ad they can go to your website to learn more and buy, or they could click to call you directly. Done in under a minute.
Don’t go looking for your next customer. Use AdWords and they will come to you.