Business Websites

Don’t Build A Website That Doesn’t Work!

When you’re planning to build a website for your business, you need a digital marketing expert on board to ensure that the site will work up to it’s potential as a marketing asset, 24/7. A site that isn’t properly optimized and maintained (SEO) will not attract qualified leads. It will be a site where people who already know your business can get in touch with you, and that’s great. But for your site to show up in Google searches and otherwise help grow your business, you need SEO.*

That’s why it’s a such a great idea to have an SEO expert build and manage your website! I’m not a fly-by-night website designer who says I do SEO because I install an SEO plug-in on your WordPress site. I’m an SEO expert who builds websites. If you need a highly specialized, custom site, I suggest that I work hand in hand with an experienced developer (I know several). But if you want a basic e-commerce or informational site (like this one), Luce Digital is your one-stop-shop for websites that work tirelessly for your business.

I also optimize existing sites. So, if you feel that your website isn’t pulling it’s weight around the office, I’ll set it straight.

*You can also use AdWords to get found in searches. But, for best results, your website and your ad campaigns need to work in lock-step with each other and we ensure that in the SEO process. Another good reason for Luce Digital to both build your site and manage your online marketing!